Maroon 5 Madness

Last night, I watched the MAROON 5 perform live at the SMX Convention Center together with my sister! Well, we wanted to watch The Script perform too, but we just opted for MAROON 5 instead!
And very much grateful because of the 50% OFF promo of TicketWorld, we had the perfect view of the whole band! (Comparing to Justin Bieber’s Concert at MOA Grounds, our view sucked big time! More concerts at SMX please!)

NOTE: The photos tells the story of how the night went 🙂

My sister and I in our seats, but as soon as the concert began, we all ended up standing!!! It was epic!!

ADAM LEVINE ♥ ♥ So gay.. yet SO HOT! :”>

Now you understand what I meant? Haha. So, here we are standing na!! Lookie how much we’re enjoying!!! 🙂 And we kept on screaming like hell, and shouting, “I LOVE YOU ADAM!!” — We simply wanted to take him home with us, what all the girls are saying during and after the concert! SIMPLE – WE WANT YOU ADAM LEVINE!! ♥ ♥


MAROON 5 saying Goodbye!!! :((

Before we left the venue, we had our picture taken with the stage as the background. Although it isn’t really obvious, it definitely shows that we were close to the stage although we had Gold B tickets lang 🙂

Tonight was EPIC. And I fell deeply in love with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine (Although I already did before! :”>) He’s just awesome!!! 🙂 And Maroon 5 definitely ROCKED my world!! :”>