Despedida Giveaway Winner!!!

And because I will be leaving to Dubai soon (exactly at June 30 2011), I will not let it pass without having to reward my lovely readers!! And I bet all of those who joined are very much psyched to find out who won my giveaway!!
So, drum roll please….


She only had 6 entries out of the 212 total entries!! She was indeed very lucky to have won my giveaway!! Congratulations again and I shall email you the soonest!! 🙂
I just want to extend my thanks to everyone who joined this giveaway!! Hopefully, I can still giveaway when I’m in Dubai. If so, giveaways will then be international!! 🙂
Note: I have disqualified 2 user entries because the necessary mechanics – particularly following my blog thru GFC was not met. Although it has an entry of it’s own, it still is mandatory before others is done. Thanks.

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