And the magic lives on..

I was one of the 10 lucky winner of the competition held by Shooting Stars LLC UAE to watch a 3D Special Premier Screening of the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows – Part 2 at Vox Cinemas, last night at Deira City Center! I was one of the first people – locally – to watch the movie and I was just psyched about it! We were asked one question that is related to the movie, and thank God I won one double pass to the movie!
I watched the movie with Mama last night and since it’s a special screening for contest winners, Papa wasn’t able to come with us because they weren’t selling tickets for it. Available ticket selling is only for tonight’s screening, at 12mn.
Despite our arrival only 15 minutes before the movie, Mama and I were able to get good view seats! And the experience was just amazing! They gave away free Popcorn and drinks for all those who watched. Mama and I were just delighted, even Papa when we told him about it and even told me to always join and ofcourse, maybe I win again! 🙂
So about the movie, I don’t really wanna tell what happens (or my readers will totally hate me for being such a spoiler!) But anyway, let me just say that the movie was way beyond awesome. With just the thought of it all ending, it already makes you cry. But take this, never forget to bring handkerchiefs or tissue paper when you watch the movie! I swear it’ll make you cry big time!
No spoilers intended, but I just want to share this to you.
Again with the thought of it all ending makes me cry! 😦 That’s why tonight, I decided to read all the Harry Potter books all over again!! And I even told Mama that I want to buy books and magazines, anything that concerns the Harry Potter Saga.
Anyways, here’s my outfit last night! You can hype it now on lookbook! 🙂

xx, Anna

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