P. F. Chang’s

Well last night we had dinner at P.F. Chang’s, Mirdiff City Center. It was my first time to eat there so I just had to blog about it!

First of, I’m not a food blogger so I wouldn’t really know that best ways or words on how to describe how love and delish the dishes are! 🙂

Last night, the complimentary starter was Dynamite Shrimp! Although as you can see beside it, we really ordered Chang’s Chicken Letttuce Wraps that got our tummy’s half full already!! 🙂

For the main dish..
We had this Pepper Steak Beef.

Shrimp Fried Rice that I discovered to be the perfect match for the Pepper Steak Beef.

And Chang’s Spicy Chicken!!

Well in my opinion, I think the P. F. Chang’s is a perfect place to dine if you want to go for Chinese and if you want to be full. P. F. Chang’s had servings that were good for 3 people and in our meal’s case, it was actually good for 5 already. They really had big servings that you’ll even have more to take home! Another advantage is that I found their price really cheap and meets every person’s budget. They also had such amazing servers, very friendly and helpful indeed! As to the ambiance of the restaurant, it gives you a feeling of fine dining and their lamps are to die for!! I apologize for the love for lamps but the place is just beautiful too.
If you’d like to get to know more of the restaurant, visit http://www.pfchangs.com/ and they have the full list of their menu there with descriptions that will keep you drooling!
P. F. Chang’s is located at Mirdiff City Center and Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai UAE
As of the moment – if I’m not mistaken – their International Locations are in Mexico, Kuwait and Dubai.
xx, Anna
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