Sucker for make up that I am!

So I have been on the look out for Make Up brush sets for two weekends now and I haven’t found shops that actually sell them in sets. I would find individual brushes that costs too much that I can’t really ask my mom to buy because seriously, I need a job!

So yeah, I found the perfect 10pc brush set at Mikyajy last night, at Mirdiff City Center. And since it was Ramadan anytime soon, a lot of promos are running now!!

Well, I originally planned on buying just the brush set but the promo just got to us. Well the 10pc brust set but a total change in plans when the sales lady introduced to us their best offer that included the brush set.

So this palette originally costs AED179, at the end of this post.. I shall tell how it was a great deal buying both!
Well, we couldn’t ignore the promo fully because it was a great bargain. And honestly, I have been a big fan of Mikyajy that ever since I got to know the shop, I’ve been buying my palettes from them! Who wouldn’t love these colors right? And I just love how beautiful the colors are that they put together!!!

So this is the 10pc brush set that I was talking about. This costed AED 199 originally and it was of course way cheaper than those of The Body Shop and MAC individual brushes when bought together! And Mikyajy brushes also use natural hair (i guess) coz they’re really soft and comfy for the face unlike synthetic brushes that feels all itchy when it sticks the face.

So I’m sure you’re wondering how I got these off a great deal. Well, if you would total the two, it would cost around AED 378. It was a bargain since we bought it for only AED299 together!!!! That gave us a discount of AED79!! So cheap right? So yeah, they have a lot more offers for the Ramadan and they give free make over!! They also have a YouTube channel that provides us buyers tutorials!! 🙂 And if you follow me on twitter, this is what made me giddy last night!
xx, Anna
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