Spur Steak Ranches

Okay, I know that you guys maybe wondering that I’ve been blogging about food lately and asking if I’m turning out to be a food blogger. Well let’s just say that I blog about anything and everything under the sun and it would be great for a blogger to be adventurous right? So here I am, blogging about a steak house that my parents and I tried and loved!!

So last night we were in Dubai Festival City and was actually expecting to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and if ever.. also going to be my first time! But then, since Mama forgot her discount card, I was wanting pizza so then I was in line already to order at Pizza Hut. But then, since my parent caught their eyes on this restaurant and was very much curious, we tried so! 🙂

Well, they were kind of pricey and similar to that of T.G.I. Fridays. Well you know how diners and steakhouses actually look like in the U.S. right? So yeah, it was of the same. But of course, it is the food that everyone looks forward to!

But before the food, let me just brag about how I was impressed because they gave up wipes before the meal. You know how some restaurants don’t have places to wash your hands first before meals right, then have to eat with them after shopping and touching different things, right? This was definitely +points for me!

About our food!! My parents had their trio combo, a combination of Chicken, Beef and Ribs Steak which was absolutely delish. We were shocked to even see how big the serving was that was actually good for the 3 of us already. But then, I love steak don’t get me wrong, but I prefer to order chunky patty burgers coz they’re my all time favourite food to eat!! 😀 And I know that my parents would order the steak and share it with me! Haha.

After the meal, since we didn’t have starters, we had dessert!! 🙂 I had a Chocolate Sundae!! Ofcourse, this is way different from what I dearly love from Mcdonald’s!! LOL. This had whip cream, almonds and a wafer then the ice cream and chocolate syrup which was oh so yummy!! :)))

After eating, all the shops were closed so we went home already!! But we plan on coming back tomorrow to have breakfast and check out possible house decorations in IKEA tomorrow. Hopefully I have THE pizza or Outback Steakhouse that I’ve been craving!! Now what to wear tomorrow???? ^_^
xx, Anna
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