Good things come our way..

And so yesterday morning, I went out with Papa to go on a job hunt. Well, I just passed my CV to different companies, where the wind takes us would be more appropriate since we didn’t plan any. So yeah, on our way to those places, I just took shots since Papa bought with him his DSLR.

Burj Khalifa

Somewhere. Haha.

Emaar Square; where I passed CVs to HSBC and Barclay’s
Then that same evening, we went to Dubai Mall. Walked, ate, shopped and took pictures!! 🙂 Papa even called me “bakasyonista”, since it’s like I wanted to take photos at everything cool that I see in Dubai Mall. Haha.

Camels in the Gold Souq

With mother dear
The very unexpectedly-expensive-miryenda-that-is-actually-worth-more-than-dinner called Starbucks!

Saw some items on S.A.L.E.! Bought feather earrings and rings and a top!! 😀

Heaven I tell you.. Bags all over..

And pictures with Family..

xx, Anna
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