Oh, Ombré..

Ombré is said to be the hottest 2010/2011 hair trend in Fashion & Hollywood.
I for myself have noticed this among the different Hollywood Celebrities and would want to try it for myself. But of course, I’m not really your blonde type of girl (one foremost, I’m not meztisa) but lately, I have been having troubles with the tips of my hair since the dye doesn’t work on the lower part since I have used blackening shampoo for it 6 months ago.
Now I got the courage to do so, and hopefully.. I get to do it and get good results! 🙂
Before that, these are some of Hollywoods’ celebrities who are definitely rocking their Ombré hair!!

Leighton Meester

Hilary Duff

Lauren Conrad

Drew Barrymore

Shenae Grimes