Black + Red = Never Fails

Last Tuesday, my parents and I went out to dinner in Deira City Center and window shopped a little while we wait for Josel to finish bonding with her friends. Since the new place we live in now is really far from the “city”, it is now somewhat a must to wait and/or pick up whoever is out at night. Haha.
Well, this is what confidently wore that night. I had my hair bleached that same afternoon (will do a seperate blog post about that) and so I just went with black to match the new hair dye.
I have many shots of this outfit taken but it’s in my sister’s camera and I only got to grab a copy of two different shots 😐 But anyway, let me share my new Facebook profile picture that shows my new hair dye..
If you do like my outfit, HYPE it now on Lookbook – Black + Red

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