You will be missed, Mr. Jobs

Photo courtesy of Apple
As a big fan of Apple (although I don’t own as much products as others – and honest to God I only have the iTouch and it got lost pa), I was both shocked and saddened by the news of Steve Jobs passing away. Lying in my bed, trying to sleep, browsing twitter and facebook in my blackberry this morning at 4am, I was struck with the news of him passing away. Well personally, he inspires me in ways that he became a legend not only in the world of technology but in all aspects of life. His creativity, and ingenuity have brought in this world the many gadgets that we never really imagined we would enjoy this much and I know for one that I’ve been dreaming my whole adult life of owning the latest iPhone and so as the MacBook Pro, and I’ll be the happiest techie geek if I were to own one 🙂
But anyway, I also want to share with you guys this inspiring video of how Steve Jobs became who he is right now to everyone and how he leaves us with words that will also drive us to leave a mark for ourselves in this world.

May you rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.
You will surely be missed.