F&H x Marvel

If you’re a Marvel Comics fan, you are definitely gonna love this post!!

And how cool is it that Marvel have collaborated with Folded and Hung to bring you your favourite Marvel heroes to life with their brand new set of endorsers, right? But of course, let me introduce to you its Super endorsers! 😀

Tim Yap for Captain America

Alden Richard for Ironman

Elmo Magalona for Incredible Hulk

JM De Guzman for Spiderman

Enrique Gil for Wolverine
What makes this collaboration more cooler than ever is that it does not only offer these basic shirts to men but also to women! Folded and Hung have come up with a total of 9 styles for me and 6 styles for women which includes Storm and Phoenix!

Oh how awesome it would be to own at least one of these cool shirts!! Personally, I want the Captain America style for women and Storm!!!! 😀
Folded and Hung X Marvel Heroes shirts are now available at all Folded and Hung Outlets!

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