2011 Pink Walkaton

What: 2011 Pink Walkaton
Where: BurJuman
When: October 28, 2011 8:00AM
This was the first time that I joined the Pink Walkaton! My family is been doing it for the past 4 years at this time of the year (I was in Manila, during this 4 whole years) and only this year was I able to join!
Went to the event in Pink from head to toe (if you know me very well, I love pink) as we didn’t have the Safe and Sound shirt yet! But anyway, my outfit is very much summer-y like because I had plans with my highschool buddies to go to the beach after but unfortunately, I was too tired and I had this bad migraine so I wasn’t able to go!

This cutie pie with me (below photo) is Zahara! She’s my mom’s officemate’s daughter and she’s half local and half filipino πŸ™‚ And like Ate Anna, her outfit is pink from head-to-toe!! And we’re both wearing pink sunglasses!

My family actually started with this Walkaton because the company where my mom works supports it yearly and just their crowd is amazing! What more if compared to the 12,000 that attended just this year? The experience is just overwhelming I tell ya! πŸ™‚

Cutie pink ribbon facepaint that volunteers put in the attendees cheeks!! πŸ˜€ And this was photographed by my aspiring photographer dad! So as the others with me in it! Actually, most of the photos in this post! Hihi.
With mother! πŸ™‚
Serco’s adorable babies walking, and holding hands!! Such cuties, Anna and Zahara :”>
Just a really small part of the crowd! Papa took this πŸ™‚

Until next year, my loves πŸ™‚

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