Latest Beauty Haul

  • Love & Beauty False Lashes – I’m not really fond of putting false lashes because I do have long lashes but I just want to try it out for the sake of finding out if I’d look good with it or my lashes will become OA.
  • Garnier Eye Roll-on – If I’m not mistaken, this actually works as a concealer. But anyway, I’ve only used this for about 2 times and I still have to see if there’ll be any changes in my dark under eyes 🙂
  • Evian Face Spray – I just bought this last night and since I’ve been complaining a lot these days about how dry my face gets due to aircondition, a lot have recommended this and the guy at the pharmacy said to spray it once before you wake up and sleep. So technically, used it 2 times only, no changes yet.
  • Boots Expert Heat Protection Spray – This is one that I have just recently purchased. Since I’m fond of styling my hair (iron straightening and curling), this is very much needed for my part.
  • Maybelline Compact Powder – Everyday make up only requires me to use compact powder. My fair is really sensitive and if I use foundation everyday, it gets really itchy. So sometimes even in special family events and gatherings, pressed powder is enough.
  • NYX Matte Lipstick – Been a huge fan of Rimmel Lipstick but only recently have I realized that NYX is very much suitable for my choppy lips. The skin doesn’t really cluster with NYX Lipstick unlike Rimmel. So now I officially change to NYX Lipstick! And did I mention, it’s long last! Stays even after a meal 😀