She bangs!

Just recently I cut my bangs again to full bangs that is easily convertible to side bangs! 🙂 Yes, I cut my bangs alone and it does take me a while to cut it perfectly!

But anyway, I forgot where I wore this outfit to but all I remember is that my parents were rushing me that I wasn’t able to fix my hair and decided to just put it up in a bun! Hence too the dangling earrings 🙂

Top from New Look, Pencil Skirt from SM Hypermarket (labelled Forever 21 ^.^), Purse from Bershka

Dangling earrings’ Mama’s
Just a shot of my sexy back top! 🙂 The top was actually a bit thin and see through and all I wore inside is my bra! Haha :)) Good things I wasn’t really cold that time because as much as I remember, we went to the mall this night 🙂

So what do you guys think? 😀