Nice to finally be with you, December.

If I would have to have on favourite season, it is the Summer with all the swimming, out-of-towns, and beach bumming. But if you’d ask me about my favourite month, it would have to be.. “DECEMBER” of course. Not only because is it the time of receiving gifts but of course, something way deeper!
December is definitely the season of love and happiness! It is the season where your heart’s desire is to be with the people you love in celebrating this very festive season. The joy and thanksgiving it brings and in religious notes, of course it is the birth of Jesus Christ!

My heart desires only one major thing this December.. It is for that one thing that I’ve been wanting and waiting for for the past 4 months that I’ve been back to Dubai. It is of course to finally find that perfect job. When I say perfect, it doesn’t have to be those high paid ones but, a perfect job for me is having someone nice as a boss and at the same time, the work that gives you the real experience in your career.
Hopefully, at least before the year ends, I can find that job that I can be proud of, even if it has a low pay, at least a great way to start my career in the corporate world!