2012: 4/366 – Global Village

So again, first week of January was very tiring because we were actually going out everyday the whole week. Since it was my sister’s last week before flying back to Manila, she made the most out of it by dragging us to places she wanted to go before she left.
January 4th, we went to Global Village. For the past 15 years, Global Village has been providing cultural entertainment along with an international shopping experience to millions of its visitors. Breathtaking live performances, mouth-watering cuisines, authentic handicrafts and merchandise from different countries awaits at the many national pavilions in Global Village. There are many more attractions, including thrilling rides, games and firework displays, to complete one’s visit.
Just from the entrance you can actually see how thematic this place is! 🙂
This giant Ferris Wheel we rode in!
Just a fact, this ride in this Ferris Wheel was so darn expensive (Dhs30/person) that this was the only ride we had to try! Haha. And just continued strolling around pavilions.
The family 🙂

A partial view of the Global Village from the top of the giant Ferris Wheel 🙂

It was getting colder as it was getting late.