2012: 6/366 – Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Anyways, this was our 2nd time at Ferrari World (1st time was September) and we got in for free!! Hihihi. Because the last time we went, they had us choose on whether we want AED30 food voucher each or Free entrance on our next visit.. Obviously, most practical option was the entrance! Hihi.
Hang in there! ^.^

LA GARA Show in which my favourite part were the lights effects. Lol!

The world’s FASTEST Roller Coaster
Found these really cute camel stuffed toys and had to take a picture with it! 🙂
Well, after visiting Ferrari World twice already.. I can say that it’s already enough. I mean, 2 times visiting it will have you complete the experience already. But anyway, till the next time again! 🙂