2012: 7/366 – Josel’s last night in Dubai

Josel’s last night was shopping night for her! Haha. Well, actually, just a bit more shopping because honestly, that’s what she’s been doing her whole vacation here. So I guess, this was more like, the last minute shopping! 😀
Clothes, clothes and many more clothes – @ Forever 21
Since Papa takes our photos, and waits so long for us to have our shopping done.. Usually, he just sits at the corner and well, wait for us. As nice as Papa is, you’ll only hear him complain if he’s hungry already. Haha! Yes, we have the most patient dad in the world!!  ♥
Papa’s very own mirror shots! :))

We had dinner at Nando’s since Josel suddenly had her cravings for it. So we had to walk from one side of Dubai Mall to the other just to eat!!

Oh, and the area where Nando’s is located was near the Burj Khalifa – At the Top where everyone knows is always busy entertaining tourists! Lol.
At the Top Souvenir Shop!
So yeah, Josel’s flight was early morning the next day and she will be back on May!! Hihi.