2012: 19/366 – Photoblog

All photos taken using my iPhone and filtered by Instagram. Last night, we went to Mirdif City Center for the “last time” as Papa would say.. well for the reason that we’re moving out and Mall of the Emirates will be our new mall because it’s nearer to our new place! Then again about last night, I decided to curl my hair and put my bangs away! Hihi.

Since P. F. Chang’s is getting a little boring, we tried something new for dinner. So we had it at Mango Tree Bistro. Thai food is now a favourite of the family, and honestly mine when I had Pad Thai in Global Village, Thailand Pavilion.

Here’s what we had that if we we able to finish all.. Haha! 
1. Nasi Goreng


2. Pad Thai with Prawns 

3. Sizzling Beef Kebabs 
Thai Food is now a must try for the family. So of course, we surely plan on eating here again and try out other dishes! 🙂 As I have mentioned, its the season again of SALE as Dubai celebrates its Shopping Festival. 
Now let me show you my latest haul. 
1. New iPhone case from Accessorize! 🙂 From 85, I got it for 25 bucks! 
2. A bright red blazer from Debenhams. Original prize is 300, got it for 50% off!
3. Bath and Body Works Goodies! Total WAS price was 115, got it all for 29! 😀 
I also got a dress from Jennyfer which is from 129, I got it for 39 dirhams! 🙂 
Now you see why everyone here in Dubai is so looking forward to Shopping Festival? 😀 Anyway, also last night.. Well, at 4 in the morning, I was craving this Red Velvet cupcake from The Project Cupcake in Dubai Mall. I was craving and remembered I took a photo of it the first time I tried it so I posted it then in Instagram. 
Since it’s Friday today and officially the weekend for most of you, mine is a day earliers thus this blog post. Either way, wishing all of us a happy weekend!! 🙂

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