2012: 26/366 – Open’s birthday celebration!

Super duper late post.
Open is not her real name ha? Well, I’m sure you had those times wherein you have a special “tawagan” (term) for every friend.. For us, it’s “Open” 🙂 Random yet.. catchy! Kulit lang :”>
With the birthday girl! ❤
(L-R) Nini, I, Rbee and Santha
Just some of the many visitors 🙂 Ate Vickz, Kuya I forgot his name 😐 , Santha, Jinx, Janine, Nini and I

Jinx, Poy, me and Porkz! 🙂

Santha (Sexiie), Jinx (Open) and Nini (Nothing) ♥ ♥
Nyaha! Rbee, Jinx, Janine, Nini and I
 All I can say is that I enjoyed the party!! 🙂 I was one of the firsts to arrive and I must say.. not a second in that party was boring. Since I didn’t know that many people, I guess I was the one getting boring because I was quiet most of the time. Tiga-tawa lang ako :))

But anyway, Happy Happy Birthday to my Open! I love you and I’ll always be here for you. Just a BBM or tweet away! 🙂 ♥ xx