2012: 45/366 – St. Valentine’s Day Dinner

For St. Valentine’s Day, nothing special of course! (Haha. How ironic?)
Well, first because my special someone is on the other end of the planet so.. ALONE.
But then again, there wouldn’t be much of a difference because in the four year that we’ve been together, not one Valentine’s Day was special. LOL.
Anyway, spent the night at The Dubai Mall. I tagged along with my parents and had dinner at Red Lobster 🙂
It was actually our first time to dine at Red Lobster and we didn’t really know what to have or what to expect.
This is what I love about dining at new places, you get to discover more dishes and of course, the feeling of you wanting to try their other dishes makes you happy and satisfied!
Now lookie what we had 😀

Shrimp Linguini Alfredo 
If you’re both a white sauce pasta and shrimp lover, this is perfect! 🙂
You even have the option of a half or full plate serving, obviously.. Half would be good for one and Full plate perfect for sharing.

Lobster Pizza
Yum yum yum I tell ya. Tasty and even with thin crust.. It’s too much to handle!! 😀

Wood-Grilled Shrimp
Haven’t got the chance to taste this, but duh.. I bet it would be yummy too! HAHA.

Mama and Papa ♥
Well of course, since it’s St. Valentine’s Day.. I don’t consider it only to show love to your other half. I believe that it’s about showing your love to ALL your loved ones. Whether a friend or a family.

So despite my lack of money that I wasn’t able to buy my parents gifts.. I know to myself and so same to them that everyday is express your love day! 🙂 I never lack responsibility of being a good, even if not great, daughter to them. I do my best and make them proud, and that is enough (I’m sure) for them. Even without material things :”>

Once again, let me end this post by greeting everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!!
I know I’m not late yet because February is Love Month 😀

So.. How’d your Valentine’s Day go?
I would love to hear it! ♥ xx

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