Hurry, March!

March is my birthday month and I am kind of excited to be turning 21 {legal na legal na! LOL} so I have come up with these 4 simple and kind of pricey things that I would love to get for myself even if it takes till May to complete. Hihi.
  • Become a redhead: Well, when I was in college I already got the chance to dye my hair red and loved it loved it! But since I was a student then, I think I was only able to keep it for about 2 weeks and then dyed it back to something dark. So now that I am out of school, I want my red hair back! But of course, the kind of professional looking red since I plan on really really working soon!
  • Get inked: The picture shows Maxene Magalona’s tattoo and yes.. I want it exactly as it is! 🙂
  • Purchase blog domain: This is self-explanatory! Blogging is what I love to do in my pastime and so, it’ll be like a gift to this baby too!
  • Very own polaroid camera: I’ve been wanting this ever since and I just hope I could work soon to buy this baby!
I am also looking for online or non-online shops to sponsor the birthday giveaway that I am planning to conduct for the whole month of March. So if you’re an owner, please do contact me via for more details. Apparels, accessories or gift certificates relative to Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle are very much welcome. Thank you so much!

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