Are you ready for summer?

Summer has always been about colours and prints. But a simple person would only usually go with one colour and sometimes, just one shade. Since everyone is so fashionable these days, colour blocking and prints would once again go on trend this summer season.
What’s fun about colour blocking is that you can mix and match even 4 different colours in one look. But of course, you have got to know if this colour goes with the other and both colours will go with the next. Colour blocking is about experimenting and coming up looking bright and colourful. Neons are definitely the most preferable this colourful, bright season!

But of course, prints are definitely a bonus in your color blocking techniques. And because prints also bring out that many colors, you can use it a basis to incorporate colors! πŸ˜€

Here are just some of the looks and colors to consider this season!

So what do you think? πŸ™‚Β You can also visit and create your own accountΒ and get more inspirations and color this summer! ENJOY! πŸ™‚
PS. I’m sorry for using to much of the words colour or colourful. LOL

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