A girl can never have enough lipstick!

Lipstick is one of my favourite things in this world and I swear, this is one thing that I can never get enough of!! My mom, sister, and I shares lipsticks (of course, depends on one’s outfit or mood) and the pictures below are what my mom and I share.
So, here’s our current collection: (not much like others but too much for us. HAHA)
The whole bunch!
BLL 158 Nutmeg, LSS 635 Doll, Matte MLS20 Audrey, Matte MLS07 Alabama, Matte MLS22 Strawberry Daiquiri, LSS 601 Castle
085 Royalty, 214 Firecracker, Kate Moss 090, 006 Pink Blush, 120 Cutting EdgeΒ 
415 Pink in the Afternoon, 359 Naturally Nude
AVON CO2 Sheer Pink, THE BODY SHOP 53, BENEFIT COSMETICS Mod Squad, MIKYAJY 06 Rose Gleam, MAXFACTOR 620 Valentine Rose
And so, that’s all of it. And as of the moment.. My top 3 are:Β 
RIMMEL 06 by Kate Moss, NYX Matte MLS07 Alabama, and REVLON 359 Naturally Nude
Well, as you can see, I’m not really into MAC (yet, LOL) because my mom buys lipsticks for us and she just finds it un-practical to buy AED100 worth of lipsticks (although the quality is of course undeniably perfect)!Β 
So when I purchase my first ever MAC lipstick, I shall show it off to you since I will consider it a dream come true and a lifetime achievement! HAHA

In my next posts, I shall do swatch reviews for my Top 3!
Hope you check out for that and that you enjoyed this post.
Anyway, how about you? Can you also not get enough of lipstick?
I would so love it if you’d care to share :”>

xx Anna

This post is inspired by Somnium et Vita‘s A girl can never have enough lipstick!

2 thoughts on “A girl can never have enough lipstick!

  1. Wowzers! You're lipstick collection is amazeballs!!!! Have you tried any of the MAC lipsticks? They're really good too πŸ™‚

    Kisses! xxx



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