DIY: Fringe Top

A lot of ideas came to mind that’s why I’ve decided to make myself a fringe top. 
First, its summer.. Second, I’ve wanted to have my own fringe top yet I find them really pricey (for a cut out shirt) on stores and online.. Lastly, I have a lot of old shirts that I don’t really use much anymore. Therefore, I searched for DIYs online to find a particular design that I want. But since I’m here blogging about this, I might as well tell you how I did it.
Step 1: Look for a shirt you’d want to turn to a fringe top.
Step 2: Take a pair of scissors and decide on which parts to cut out.
Step 3: Cut and cut and cut!
Step 4 (Optional): Tie knots to serve as a design

So here’s the result of my hard work. LOL! Anyway, I’m not really impressed with what I did (because I think I’ve overdone it) but nonetheless, I can still wear this when I hit the beach. Perfect wordplay too of Bitch and Beach (how random) so yeah, What do you think of my new fringe top? 🙂