Ceecodizing ourselves!

Hello everyone! First of all, I hope you all had a great weekend! 😉
Anyway, this post is to ask for your help!
Last Saturday (26th May), my sister and I attended the CeeCodize Yourself Event hosted by Ms. Cynthia (Owner and Designer) and Nancy (Business Developing Manager) Pennikian at their office in JLT. We had the opportunity to design our own CeeCode bag which could have the chance to be part of their A/W Collection 🙂
The help I would ask of you is that you please please please LIKE the photos of our design posted in their Facebook Page 😉 For easier reference, just click on the links below!!

 Designed by me:

Designed by my sister, Josel:

Hope we could get your support, especially my fellow kababayan followers!!
Make our designs come to life and be part of Dubai’s Elite line of bags!! 🙂
Anyway, thank you once again. And liking ends on the 15th! LIKE NOW 😀
More about the CeeCodize Event soon!!


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