Walang Hanggan Cast in Dubai

Β Photoblog of my encounter with the Walang Hanggan Cast! πŸ™‚
Well, my mom and I have been a big fan of Walang Hanggan since it started and we never missed a night of it! At the same time, my mom and I have this huge crush on Coco Martin that we just couldn’t miss this one! πŸ˜‰

They actually sold this booklet with faces of Coco Martin for autograph signing and just when I expected to only see Coco Martin up close,fortunately, I got to see all of them and say hi to them πŸ˜€

Pogi mo, Daniel!! πŸ˜€

Julia Montes is just the sweetest and I was able to make beso! πŸ™‚ When I was all feeling shy and starstruck, she really turned to me and said hi πŸ™‚

Kiss from Julia Montes πŸ˜€

Joem Bascon said “Hi” to me too πŸ˜›
Anyway, the photo below is my most favourite. It never fails to make me laugh everytime I see it! Because it actually looks like I’m BFFs with Julia Montes and Coco Martin! HAHA. Bonding time? πŸ˜›
Photo by Mr. Eugene Santos

Photo by Mr. Eugene Santos
[X] Meet and greet my ultimate crush, Coco Martin – Off my bucketlist! ❀

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