Just a Random Wishlist.

This is called, “The Random Wishlist” because there is no particular occasion wherein you (as a family or friend) would be obliged to give this to me as a gift. HAHA! For the love of make up, I would love you forever if you’d be really really generous enough to provide me with these babies! 🙂

I have been deciding on updating my make-up brushes with a set more than what I currently have (I currently have the 10-pc brush set by local make-up brand, Mikyajy which are cheap and very excellent quality). I’ve been eyeing on 21-pc sets by Charm Pro and Suesh, but they’re really pricey and the brushes that I don’t have don’t really match (I mean, 2 would be in Charm Pro and the other 3 would be in Suesh). But upon browsing Zalora.com.ph one night while chatting with boyfriend, I have found the perfect set with all those brushes that I don’t have still. 

Read reviews about them and am contented with what I read, comes in a cute silver roll and at a very affordable price (for only P2,000.00)! 🙂 To be specific, the brushes I still don’t have are:
1. Stippling Brush
2. Flat Top Bronzer Brush
3. Countour Brush
4. Foundation Brush
5. Eye Blending Brush
6. Fan Brush

Dashe Cosmetics 17-pc brush set

I’m a sucker for yummy colors and I know I have one more untouched palette from Mikyajy but my mom insists that I give it to my sister instead. So since I’m a generous sister, I’ll give that to her and buy this for myself! LOL. (And yes, my sister and I gets along very well wherever it may be.. From Fashion, to Make-Up, to Food! :))’

I’ve know DollFace Cosmetics since before (when I was still a student in Manila) and have been eyeing on these beauties but of course, I hadn’t had the guts to buy since my ever so reliable Tempting Treats Palette from Mikyajy existed then 🙂 This is very affordable too! (P900.00)

96 Colour Eyeshadow Palette
So, aren’t you tempted to buy yet? 😉

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