Back from the Real World

Hello guys! 🙂
First of all, I would like to apologize for almost 2 weeks of being on hiatus. Well, exactly the week after my last post was 3 days holiday for me because of Eid Al Fitr hence the title of my last outfit post! 🙂 And after then, I was busy arranging my Schengen Visa for Paris this September and also preparing for a dear friend’s wedding which was held just last Wednesday, August 29th – Which was also mother’s birthday 🙂
This is actually a late-post too! I wore this 2 Sundays ago when we went to attend Mass 🙂

Forever 21 Dress and my ever-so reliable low heeled wedges from Shoe Mart! 

A little something about the dress: My mom bought this dress when I was still in college and I might have worn it only once about months ago and only had the courage to wear it again because regardless of how very pretty the design is, the texture of the insides are all itchy texture of Polyester on my skin. But nonetheless, I love it and look forward to wearing it again! 
PS. I tend to always wear the same clothes all over if they’re a favourite. Although, only a week interval. LOL

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