Rundown August

  1. London Olympics 2012 – It’s the first time that I actually watched the Olympics from the Opening Ceremonies to almost all the games (well at least those that I were able to watch whenever I’m home) and of course, my most favourite would have to be the Gymnastics! 🙂 And of course, what got me really very happy was when the Spice Girls performed at the Closing Ceremonies.
  2. The Hunger Games Trilogy – Certified big big fan of the books!! 🙂 Read all the books for the 3rd time this month! Yes, all 3 books!! 😀
  3. Shawarma after 6 or 7 long months. WAAAH 🙂 
  4. Iftar Dinner with the Fashion Is You winners at Gourmet Lafayette! 🙂 Talked about our upcoming trip to the Fashion capital of the world! 🙂
  5. #GodBlessThePhilippines – The habagat in Manila 😦 It’s like Ondoy all-over again.. which was actually worst than Ondoy before 🙂 #reliefPH 
  6. The Fifty Shades Trilogy – ANOTHER TRILOGY THAT REALLY GOT TO ME! :”> Finished all 3 books in a week! 
  7. Eid Al Fitr – VERY LONG WEEKEND 😀 
  8. Our Bestfriend’s Wedding – Went dress shopping with my girls + Make-up trial 🙂 Wedding was held last Wednesday, 29th August! 😀
  9. Schengen Visa Application!!! 🙂  and.. APPROVED! :”> 
Very interesting and blessed month!
Can’t wait for happenings this September 🙂
 September is PARIS MONTH! 😀

Hello September in French! 🙂

I’d love to know how August went for you!
And most especially, things you look forward to in September! 😀
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