Watch Splash Fashion Royale LIVE

So do you want to witness the Splash Fashion Royale – Fashion Show but don’t have an invite? Fret not! You can still watch tonight’s show and witness’ Splash Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection in your home! All you need is a desktop/laptop/phone as long as you have proper internet connection as Splash Fashion wouldn’t want you to miss something awesome that is about to happen tonight!! 🙂
There will actually be 3 shows: 5:30PM, 7:30PM and 10:00PM which is exclusive to the Press. 
Again, don’t feel bad about not getting invites! This would actually be good too because you’ll be relaxed in the comfort of your home while you watch the shows LIVE! 🙂
But of course.. Watch it here live in my blog! 🙂
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