Wishful Sunday: iPhone 5

We all know that earlier this month, the new iPhone 5 have officially been introduced and is now available for sale in countries like the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Unfortunately for an eager fan like myself that resides in the UAE, I will have the chance to get hold of this best iPhone yet only by December 😦 .. Well, that’s what I heard. Although I know retailers who are already selling the iPhone 5 here in Dubai for AED 4,500.00, and it is expected to stabilize at the price of AED 3,500 for a 16GB 😦
But anyway, I’ve started canvassing now.. meaning I’ve started consulting relatives in the US of the iPhone 5 and if it’s cheaper there (with all the necessary expenses), I’ll have it bought there. For now, I’m still saving up and hopefully I can get this by Christmas! Exactly the time I got my 4S 😉
So, no matter how expensive this will be.. I will have this iPhone 5! Although I have the iPhone 4s, I’ll be handing it down to my sister who’ve been a fan of iPhones since 😛 
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