Marilyn Monroe for MAC Fall 2012

Often imitated but never duplicated, Marilyn Monroe’s classic blonde bouncy curls, killer curves, and blood-red lips definitely made her a beauty icon during her time. Since her untimely passing 50 years ago, Hollywood starlets such as Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Scarlett Johannson, and Blake Lively to Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and, of course, Michelle Williams (who played the icon in the film My Life With Marilyn) have paid homage to the screen legend. And, thanks to a new collection from MAC Cosmetics, channelling Ms. Monroe has never been easier.

This collection oozes the starlets signature sexy and vintage glamour with luscious lipsticks, sparkly shadows, lovely nail laquers, brazen bronzers, and falsies! Featuring fun titles like “Charmed I’m Sure,” “Love Goddess,” “Silver Screen,” “Showgirl,” “Preferred Blond,” and “Rich, Rich, Rich.”

This is definitely another limited collection to watch out for! 😉
It’s out in the US on Oct. 4th. Oh Dubai, when when when?
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