Paris, France 2012: Day 1

Paris, France 2012 – Day 1

Bonjour! If you have been reading my blog, following me on Twitter and/or my friend on Facebook, I am sure that you have had enough of me already blabbing about me going to Paris, already in Paris and leaving Paris 😛 LOL, as a social media freak, I bet you know how it is to update almost every minute, right? So yeah, I shall share with you guys the photos I took 🙂

We landed in Paris at 2:25pm, got out at quarter past 3 and reached the hotel at half past 4. The tour was at 6 and we only had a few mins of preppin’ to do as we had to wear our smart outfit since we will be heading straight to dinner after the tour. Hence the dress and the heels 🙂

First thing is first! Lemme start by asking you guys this.. Do you know that feeling when you’ve done nothing but dream about something to see it in person and when it’s right in front of you, you just can’t help but smile and be grateful and you just can’t stop staring at it. Well, that’s exactly how I felt whenever and wherever we were! In every bit of glimpse I get to see of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, La Rue Champs-Elysees, etc. I look at it until it’s completely out of my view. I was very happy indeed because it was a dream come true sooner than I have even dreamed of that I could actually cry :”>

La Tour Eiffer
Arc de Triomphe L’Etoile

Avenue des Champs-Elysees

Notre Dame Cathedral
Dome des Invalides
Petit Palais

These were the places we went to during the tour! Since we only had an hour and a half, we only had to chance to see some of Paris’ famous spots because we had to go to our dinner reservation at Le Georges! Anyway, all these photos were taken using my Canon EOS 1000D with a 18-55mm lens.
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