Paris, France 2012: Day 2

Paris, France 2012: Day 2
The Fashion Show – Le Plus Grand Defile du Mode
When I joined the competition by Galeries Lafayette, all that I was looking forward to if ever I won (which I did) was the all expenses paid trip to Paris and lack the excitement for having to experience something that I never even dreamed of happening! Well, it was to walk a long runway in front of over a hundred French people in the streets of Paris like I’m some professional runway model!! So yeah, this blog is all about being part, as a runway model, in the biggest fashion event that happens every year hosted by Galeries Lafayette Paris. I’d try my very best to vividly describe to you guys what happened, like there’s a story in every photo that you’ll be seeing below! 😉
Above: Make-up!!; Below: The runway for rehearsals
First up, the make-up  I was fortunate enough (but I guess unfortunate too, in a way, which you’ll know why in the next topics) that I was included in the first batch to have hair and make-up done. Since we’re approx 400+ runway models, they actually started preparing everyone from 9AM even though the show starts at 7PM. The thing about having your make-up done in a big fashion event like this (or maybe just this one) is that they lack mirrors!! I had no idea what my look was going to be like and what she’s actually doing in my face already! And the make-up artist who did my make-up didn’t even speak English so we had awkward moments wherein she’ll suddenly blabber something to me in French and all I would say back is Je suis desole. Je ne comprends pas Francais. Je parle Anglais.. And yes, in French, that long! So when I was done.. Merci, and then left, looked at myself in the mirror the second I stepped out of the room! After make-up was hair and I guess my stylist got so carried away and the result was crazy but cool too! 😉
As for the runway in the photo, all I can say is that it was a hella waste of a time! Total rip-off of time, effort and embarrassment  (Since we didn’t speak French and only about 2 or 3 people spoke English, we did kind of got the attention that we didn’t really want. Ekh, foreigners we are in the land of the Parisians! LOL) So yeah, it was a wasted of time because: 1. That’s not how the actual runway was set-up in the venue; and 2. They could’ve just told us to walk and never stop instead of going to all the trouble of walking and posing in rehearsals. 
I know, I complain a lot! 😀
Jiovanni my love; Alexandre mi amor
So this is the part where I explain how unfortunate I am in having to be included in the first batch of hair and makeup! We were bored, BIGTIME!
I, together with ate Lucky and Joanna, finished our hair and make-up at around noon. Imagine how much time till the show! (Go do the math, sweetheart!) So since we were really bored, we all three made up this game where we would greet every cute/hot guy Bonjour and maybe take photos with them. I swear to god, everywhere you look, HOT FRENCH GUYS are everywhere!! Not only in the fashion show, meaning the models, but literally everywhere in the streets!! That even after the show, we’d greet any random hot guy we’d come across to! And this is definitely one of the Top 3 in my Why I love Paris list! 😉
Just to emphasize, Alexandre caught my attention most! He’s just so cute when he smiles!! And mind you, whenever we come across each other (since the preparation venue isn’t that big), his smile.. ugh, I’m gonna die! He’s definitely one of the reasons why I’m missing Paris now! LOL *died
Lovin’ what you see? Well, those are just sample looks in the show! 🙂 What I loved about the show is that it’s really for everybody, of every age participated!

Teehee! Here it is guys!! My 5 mins of fame, in the streets of Paris!!! 😀 Don’t mind the face, I just had to be serious since no one did really smile! LOL
Anyway, after the fashion show.. We had dinner at Au General Lafayette which was 5 mins walk from the streets where the fashion show was held. It was already evening time and it was just so freaking cold and I was really exhausted that I had to skip the main course and desserts and went back to the hotel early with Pye and Joanna 😦 
Again, I’d always be grateful for Galeries Lafayette for this once in a lifetime experience!! An experience that will never be forgotten :”> Like I always say, whenever I look back at my time in Paris (although it was a really really really short one), I could just cry of gratefulness and happiness! I am very blessed indeed! :”> Of course I thank my friends and family who supported me by voting for me during the competition! You guys made this possible!! Thank you, thank you! September 2012, you are forever in my heart! 🙂
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