The Anna Dello Russo and H&M collaboration was definitely something to look forward to with the amazing accessory line designed by Anna Dello Russo herself, and that she’s one fancy style icon that we all love! So last Thursday was the day that everyone was looking forward to! Last October 4th, everyone must have had their Fashion Shower.. 🙂

Well, you must have read my picks for this collaboration here and when I got there in the evening, I was lucky enough to have tried both of them on, meaning they weren’t out of stock by the time I got to check it out! 🙂 But since I plan to get one from the two, I picked this pretty necklace! 🙂 The sunnies were a perfect fit and it was really really really pretty.. but my mom and I found it to be too much. I’m not sure if you understand what I mean but let’s just say that it doesn’t suit my always so casual and comfy yet chic style. So yeah, the necklace got both our votes and it has my name! LOL 

Trying out the reptile sunnies!! 😀
So, what do you think of my purchase?
And share with me if you had to chance to get anything in your part of the world 😀
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