Nothing Beats The Genuine Arriba Spirit

 It’s been 2 seasons that I haven’t been cheering for Letran, at least physically. I mean, I do support them in every way possible, all the way, because I’m undeniably one of the proudest, win or lose!! So when I heard that Letran was in the Final Four, I couldn’t have been more proud of the Knights.
Last October 13th, the Knights played their first semis game against the San Sebastian Stags who held the twice-to-beat advantage. That in itself was already a do-or-die for Letran since it’s either they win to have the chance for the spot in the Finals or lose and just give it away to Baste. Since they won, the more obvious do-or-die game happened this afternoon, and hell I got to feel the pressure and intensity again! And I tell you, the feeling of when I would be in the Arena watching over 2 years ago and when I was at work and depending on tweets for updates this afternoon definitely made no difference!! The intensity was at its peak and God does answer prayers!

Every Letranite knows how close the fight was and this win was definitely fate. If you had twitter and that’s where you depended on for updates, you really wouldn’t feel the need to watch. Most may say that the game was fixed, or “luto” in a bitter loser’s term, but no team wins against the other for four times and then saying that the victorious team cheated that’s why the losers lost. Hello, it was a 4-0 if I’m not mistaken. So butt off bitter losers, the Knights deserved the spot to fight against Beda! I guess it’s safe to say that Baste was actually a no-match for Letran. I mean, I admit, I as a Letranite feared Baste whenever I watched the games before.. But I guess it only shows how round the world is and how things can change. But then again, Letran and Baste have always been fighting against San Beda for the title. For the past 5 years it has been Baste, this season.. it’s Letran’s turn to face Beda. It’s time to get that crown back to its rightful home in Muralla! 🙂

“Yung willingness to win and live another day, makikita mo sa mata nila. Ni-remind ko din sila na play with emotion but do not be emotional.” – Coach Louie Alas (Source)

The original rivals in the NCAA league was Letran Knights and San Beda Red Lions. Games between the two is always something to look forward to for decades now and I remember making time just to watch the two teams play against each other when I was still a student. And the last time that the two faced each other in the finals was when my batchmates and I were freshmen, year 2007. That’s why the feeling of having the be in the finals again against San Beda was very much overwhelming! We know that we’re the underdogs in this fight, but in God and the Knights we trust. Win or lose, Letranation will be cheering all our hearts out to support them. I know that I’ve never regretted any single cheer that I chanted for Letran. God knows how much I prayed for this to happen, and the Knights were just unstoppable!

Anyway, let me just share to you guys a tweet from my friend:
RT @jeliipig: Uyy daming bitter! Eh season naman talaga namin to eh! :p mamatay kayo sa inggit… Kami nag opening, kami din magtatapos! 😉


The first game in the best of 3 finals against the Red Lions is on Thursday at the SM Mall of Asia Arena! I may be in Dubai but my cheers will definitely reach the Arena! Prayers, and Trust all the way from Dubai. We can do this, Knights! As long as we are uKnighted and we keep the Arriba Spirit burning. Letranation, never giving up, never giving in! Most especially not without a fight! #ARRIBALETRAN
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