The year that has been..

2012 has really been a great year for me! 🙂
Well, it’s not like I haven’t gone through anything rough along the way.. But those tough times are pretty much petty that I can say that this year had been nothing but good to me. Although this might not be as interesting and successful (in terms of blogging and work), I know that I’m blessed enough to feel so much gratefulness as I end another year.
So to name the main highlights of my 2012, the collage pretty much covers it! 😉
1) Landed on my first job – I might not be happy but I’m thankful that this job gives me various experiences that I can use in the future.
2) 21 and Legal – Haha! Nothing much to indicate but, I just love saying the phrase “21 and legal” Haha!
3) Vacation in the Philippines – It may just be for 2 weeks but I had the greatest time with the people I missed! ❤ And of course, our bunso celebrated her 18th!
4) Spotted in a magazine – This is actually for a fashion event here in Dubai. And with my sister 😀
5) Open’s Wedding – Bridesmaid to one of the people I am truly thankful for! Love you Open! New Year baby!! 😛
6) The Perfect Ombre – Well, it was only this year that I got very interested in “the Ombre” and I’m too happy it turned out great! 🙂
7) Trip to Paris, France – #BESTMEMORY2012 A dream come true!! :”> Paris, very beautiful.. (Speechless)
8) Runway Model like a Pro – Walked the runway like a Pro in the streets of Parisssss! :”> And out of the 10, I was lucky to be featured in The Dubai Mall Magazine ❤ #GRATEFUL
9) Certified! – Hihi. Graduated from a Basic Digital Professional Photography course and gained a lot of new friends ❤
I take it back, 2012 has been more than great to me! Unselfishly speaking, this was a truly blessed year for the whole family 😉
I definitely cannot wait for what 2013 has to offer! A lot lot more blessings for sure, and so.. I promise to make the very best of it! Tomorrow, surely I will share to all of you my New Year’s Resolution 😉

Happy New Year everyone! May your 2013 be filled with peace, joy and success!
No to negative vibes!!! 😉 Be happy! Enjoy ❤

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