LOOKBOOK: Travel in Style

 Travel Outfit!
This was what I wore when we flew from Dubai to Singapore and then Singapore to Manila 🙂 And these photos were taken during our 5 hours stop over at Changi Airport – Singapore. Thankful that my mom took good shots regardless of whether she knows to use the SLR or not. Anyway, I would like to apologize too because of my bareface.. Well, this was after the 8-hour long flight from Dubai to Singapore already!
Other than this is my personal style, I mean this is what I usually wear.. In travelling, comfort is definitely the key! So whether you will travel domestic or overseas, the no. 1 to consider is comfort. You wouldn’t want to wait in line and walk for hours (maybe even run to catch your flight) in your high heels now would you.
In your outfit, another one to consider is the climate that will welcome you in the country you’re going to! So it is important to wear something that considers the weather in the place you’re coming from and the place you’re going to.

Pineapple, Debenhams Top; Leggings at random; New Look Combat Boots


Bracelet and Mustache Watch from stalls in Global Village


Bag from New Look

For a traveler like me, hope you have gathered a tip or two. As it is important to wear something appropriate for the trip, something that would make your travel hassle-free as possible counts! 🙂
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