LOOKBOOK: Flower Power

Splash Fashions dress (Not sponsored whatsoever)
Pill Clothing and Footwear heels (Not sponsored whatsoever)
Forever 21 slim belt and DIY flower crown
Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last posted an outfit post and I’m glad that I have something for you that is worth #ootd -ing. Haha. Anyway, this was what I wore to a friend’s birthday party! And it was a children’s party and the theme was Tinkerbell and friends 😛 That’s where I also got the flower crown. They had it given away to every female visitors to wear last night 😀 And I am loving how it matched my dress that I had to include it in my outfit photos!
So anyway, it’s March already! Meaning I’ll be turning a year older any time soon! I am excited and I really have no idea why. Because ever since I turned 18 and every time that I would turn a year older, it makes me sad. But I guess I’m just welcoming adulthood and very much looking forward to opportunities and the best things that life has to offer! Well, I guess more of the lessons learnt when I turn 22, which will be after 2 weeks 😉
Anyway, this is it for now guys! 🙂 Until my next post!

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