LOOKBOOK: Manila – December 2014

Hello everyone! Before I even begin to talk about recent happenings with Petite Chiq, wishing you all again a Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fantastic time ending 2014!!

So, last month, my leave got approved and since I haven’t visited Manila in almost 2 years, mother and I have decided to spend Christmas there! It was a short vacay, but a very eventful one! As much as I would like to emphasize on all the happenings, it was too much and I honestly don’t have much photographs to share (since I was more busy having fun than taking selfies). But anyways, I was able to take some #ootd shots during my stay so let me put all of them in one post!

What I wore on a normal day out to go grocery shopping and more gift shopping since it was the season of giving 😉


 Sister’s KISS cropped top; Forever 21 shorts; Birks; MK Selma

What I wore to my cousin’s wedding! I’ve always been a fan of weddings and every wedding motif fascinates me. I’ve had this dress for quite sometime now and haven’t really worn it yet since I never find the right event to. And it was such great timing when I heard that my cousin’s wedding’s motif would be mint green and gray that I just had to bring this dress for the special event. The day couldn’t even be more interesting, I ended up being a last-minute bridesmaid because I was in motif! Lol. Congratulations again, Kuya John and Prince 😛


H&M dress; thrifted heels

What I wore to a day out with the family! Went to Araneta Center just to see this huge Christmas Tree along the road besides Gateway Mall, and even the lights that were beautiful at night of course. I also got the chance to eat street foods which I missed so much!

10609423_10152943524118482_1600857224273002174_n (1)

Forever 21 dress; Birks; MK Selma

What I wore to my despedida on my Papa’s side 🙂 Had a little get-together with my relatives and bonded with my cousins the whole day, with food and some tv of course.. what we all love to do!

10458325_10153031120368482_5014345699133785872_n (1)

Forever 21 maxi dress; Birks; MK Selma; Sunnies Studios Corey

Our last day in Manila meant shopping for gifts and souvenirs to bring back home. I chose to wear something very casual and comfy of course. I had to wear this royal blue top that I recently bought from MNG which was on sale and since the top was too simple, I matched it with a statement necklace that definitely matched my bag too!


MNG top; Forever 21 shorts; Payless flats; Mom’s necklace; MK Selma

If you all noticed, most of my outfits have similar pieces. Well since we stayed for only 10days in Manila, I chose not to bring a lot of clothes since I figured we’ll be doing some clothes shopping as well but I was actually wrong, to admit. Clothes in Manila are pricier than those here in Dubai, even when most were on sale already!! So yeah, a bit disappointed but it was good in a way that I had more to spend for gifts to bring back home in Dubai.

I have a few more outfit posts pending so just watch out for them! Hoping I get time to do them asap 😉


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