This particular segment of a blog is not necessarily new for readers out there but I just felt like doing so. Just so I can have something new to share to you guys every week! So for my first Currently, I do apologize in advance if there are some negative thoughts in them.

READING Reflections of a Man by Mr. Amari Soul – This book, is just on point! For the brokenhearted, and the strong woman in you.

WRITING ideas to blog about my recent trips!

LISTENING Hillsong United – Oceans

THINKING of disappearing.

FEELING a bit down. Just a bit, but will just shrug it off and maybe do something crazy.

LOVING my bed. I cannot even begin to explain how sleepy I get these days. Physically exhausted!

WANTING/NEEDING/WISHING for a miracle to happen. These past few days is a mess. My fault, because I am such a drama queen and I always let my emotions get the best of me, but yeah. That’s me. I’m a child that badly needs to grow up.



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