LOOKBOOK: Jolly in blue

So I still am lacking a few posts that I have been working on, that is my Singapore, Sydney and Bohol trip. But in the meantime, here’s an outfit post for you all.

For those who are still doubtful, yes I am finally genuinely and sincerely happy again, which is why I believe I am gaining weight again! Haha. With regards to my heart, it’s still in the process of healing but it is for sure. As days pass, you move on slowly but surely.

So here are the 3 people you need to move on:

1. A supportive family – Family always comes first. They just know the right words to say to comfort you, especially mothers. As they’ve gone through the same things in their lives once, they just know well how to overcome it. It is in times like these, that whatever your parents tell you, on why this happened and how to overcome it, believe them and follow their every advice.

2. Real, true and crazy friends – All you need to truly move is to keep yourself occupied. So what better way to do it right? Go out, have fun! Do crazy things, and it will surely make you realize how fun and beautiful life is when you make it. Also, it will make you realize that you are loved. You don’t need one particular person to love you, when there’s lot of people who can do so. That’s why I am very grateful for having girlfriends who went/goes through the same heartache and we definitely share the same faith that everything happens according to His plans and we trust Him fully.

And lastly,

3. The Big Man – This heartbreak happened because He, up there, let it happen. Trust in Him, believe that He has someone He created that’s far better, and, especially for you. Someone who will love you far more than you have experienced love itself. Have faith in His plans! Ibibigay din sya ni Lord, kapag ready ka na at sa tamang panahon.

Moving on can be really tough. No one ever said that heartbreaks comes and goes fast but you just have to have the right people and faith to do so. You will heal, slowly but surely. And one day, you’ll be ready to fall in love again, when you’re better and with the right man. Just believe, because miracles do happen everyday!

Top and skirt: H&M | Flats: Payless | bag: Forever 21


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