LOOKBOOK: #BasicDaily

Hey everyone! You know the drill, it’s me again! And you know what I’ll be saying first.. LOL I am back (yet again) after so many weeks of abandoning my blog! Been  up to a lot lately, enjoying life, enjoying work (Lol say whut?) Well, life’s been tougher than ever, if you ask me.. but if you know me, you know I never let anything get to me anymore. I’m stronger than ever and yes, maybe I’ll cry about it for a day, but as soon as I snap out of it, I bounce back higher ready to kick ass!

Sooo.. about this outfit. The title says it all, just me being a Basic witch.




Forever 21 Rompers; H&M Cover

Forever 21 Backpack

Specs by Sunnies Specs; Anne Klein Watch

Adidas Originals – White Superstars


These past few weeks, (well, ever since I purchased these Adidas Superstars) I’ve only had two things I use every time I go out; the must-have white sneakers, Adidas Superstar, which is very comfortable I might add, and that very handy backpack! Lately I’ve been sporting the school girl look with these style staples and I think I’ll stick to them for a few more weeks πŸ™‚


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