LOOKBOOK: 5 Facts About My OOTDs

Hey everyone! Since I have nothing much to say about my outfit that I’m sharing now, I thought it’d be interesting to just include some facts about how I come up with my OOTDs. And as I post more OOTDs, maybe I’ll share with you things like What you’ll usually find in my closet or Which shops and brands I usually shop in. You know, introducing myself, with my likes and dislikes, kinda thing. Hope you like it!

For this outfit, I wore this to a usual day out with my parents at The Dubai Mall. Many would say it’s our second home because you’ll see us there almost every week! Lol Anyways, just keep reading to find out 5 facts about my OOTDs.

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#MyDubai: Dubai Miracle Garden

Hi everyone, so to set the record straight, Petite Chiq is a Life, Style and Beauty Blog where I share my muses of beautiful things. So here I am, about to post one of the reasons why I am so proud of #myDubai đŸ™‚

Before we ended January, my mom and I with her sister and husband (aunt and uncle), we have decided to appreciate and enjoy the winter breeze with colour and flowers. Nothing much to say but my initial reaction was (obviously) ‘WOW!’ upon entering the place. Sharing with you some shots I took with my phone (sorry for the sucky quality, I have no idea what happened).

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The Happy List


So as I have been quiet this past 2 months, let me share with you (in points) what I have been upto. Obviously, there have been a lot of events that have happened that made me the happiest and I would love nothing but to share it with you, person taking the time to read my random blabbers, LOL

  1. Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story (10 Mar)
  2. Birthday Celebrations – The Irish Village with friends (13 Mar) & Church + Hard Rock Cafe with Mama and Joel (14 Mar)
  3. Passing the final road test on my 2nd take (17 Mar) and getting my license (20 Mar)
  4. 3 months with my love (22 Mar) & Real Techniques brushes on the mail (same day)
  5. The whole month of April with Joel (esp our 4th month together, 2 movies in a row – Divergent + Captain America) coz it’s been more than a month since we went on a movie date (that time).
  6. Family complete + goodies & gifts from the Philippines (Esp the styLIZed book and Happy Skin Cosmetics!)
  7. Finally got to try Chatime
  8. Our usual movie + iHop date – with Joel and Josel
  9. First out of the country trip with the family – the beautiful islands in Maldives (10-13 May)
  10. The best date ever with Joel to celebrate our 5th month together (21 May)

Oh how I missed blabbering and hoping it’d make sense. Until my next post!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The boys!

Since we’re all working men and women now, we don’t really get to hang out like we used to like 5 or 6 years ago in high school! So it’s really a must that we actually get together for at least twice a month to catch up, bond and if we may, reminisce. Well of course, we really have changed a lot and we can say that we have all matured already! Although the shallow jokes and bullying still never fails to make us laugh!
Met up with these beautiful people just last Thursday night and boy was it great to have to enjoy a night of dinner and coffee after an exhausting and stressful week of work!

Even though it was only for about an hour of dinner with Janine and Ceejay (because Janine has a curfew and Ceejay is the boyfie :P), it was still nice having to see them!

L: Ceejay, Janine, I and Magcy
R: Jeena, Ceejay, Janine and I
For the rest of Grade 10 – Cattleyans, we miss you all! Reunion soon? It’s almost been 6 years already!!
Love them loads!!
Coffee by the dancing fountain! @ Tim Horton’s
Spent the rest of the night chilling and having coffee with Jeena and Magcy while we reminisce and talk about our other batchmates đŸ™‚ We also got to see the dancing fountain play 3 times, so that’s an hour and a half! đŸ˜›

The gang is definitely incomplete here and hoping that I get to see them the soonest since it’s the holiday season and a lot of happenings should be happening! Lol. If you’re reading this boys, I am planning already and I just need your confirmation on the date! Will message you guys soon :*