#FFWDDXB05 – Top 10 Collections

Fashion Forward is Dubai’s take on Fashion Week that is always looked forward to in the region. I have had the opportunity to see the collections with my very own eyes but due to other important matters – a.k.a. work – I had to skip almost the whole event.

25 designers have showcased their amazing creations this season and as much as I would like to send out my love to all the designers, I’ll just feature in this post my personal favourite collections. Pardon me if there’ll be some kind of confusion but, I have rated the collections based on their wear-ability and well, with how much it left me at awe. The order that I have put in would be from 10-1, from the least to my most favourite!


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#MyDubai: Dubai Miracle Garden

Hi everyone, so to set the record straight, Petite Chiq is a Life, Style and Beauty Blog where I share my muses of beautiful things. So here I am, about to post one of the reasons why I am so proud of #myDubai 🙂

Before we ended January, my mom and I with her sister and husband (aunt and uncle), we have decided to appreciate and enjoy the winter breeze with colour and flowers. Nothing much to say but my initial reaction was (obviously) ‘WOW!’ upon entering the place. Sharing with you some shots I took with my phone (sorry for the sucky quality, I have no idea what happened).

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